The Monk Club, whose name is deliberately inspired by the omnivorous and revolutionary talent of the jazz pianist Thelonious Sphere Monk, was born in Rome in the Casalbertone/Portonaccio district, less than a kilometer from one of the most important hubs of the capital, the railway station and Tiburtina subway. The structure was the headquarters of the La Palma Club in the period between 1995 and 2007 approx., and hosted concerts and prestigious festivals for over ten years, mainly oriented towards jazz, ethnic and author music. In 2014, after seven years of definitive closure, the space was reopened thanks to reclamation and redevelopment works by the C'MON! Social Promotion Association, with the aim of improving access, use and safeguarding the importance of space within the urban fabric Monk is one
multifaceted space and variegated devoted to sharing, well-being and the functional and conscious use of cultural contents, in a continuum of stimuli and experiences.

A space dedicated to those who want to produce, share and approach cultural experiences, including specific activities for each age group. The proposed contents are aimed at those who are intrigued by new artistic and cultural productions, as well as those who love to research small projects by independent realities.